LJH Paving Ltd has grown into a multi disciplined organisation, maintaining throughout its values and principles of a great service delivery and reliability for our clients. Whilst maintaining our reputation for delivering schemes on time and to a high quality standard. Recognition for our standards and levels of service has come through various industry accreditation’s and client awards over the years, such as the Master Craftsman Award from the Corporation of London.

Canary Wharf Crossrail


Norman Foster and Partners were tasked, by Canary Wharf, to create the design for the Adams Place area of the Crossrail project.
LJH were asked to install 50mm thick Green Alta Quartzite, on a 50mm thick bed and 3-5mm joints, in random lengths and 3 different widths. LJH had to be particularly careful with the stone, as it was carefully selected from the Norwegian arctic circle and took 16 weeks to arrive (in summer).

LJH were not only asked to install the paving; but also to install the drainage system, which included a drainage mat running, at falls, into a slot drain system just below the bedding. This was an LJH suggestion in order to prevent the potential for moisture resting on a horizontal slab, and then permeating/condensing up through the screed and into the paving at a later date.
LJH were also asked to carefully mix and handbatch the 100-150mm thick screed, that accommodated the paving system above.

Another significant part of this contract was LJH installing the ‘’dock edges’’. This work required us to work off of ‘’pontoons’’, which sat on the water within the wharf. It is a testament to our workforce that these were installed to a high calibre, and also without any incident (environmentally and in regards to safety incidents).

Careful attention to the installation had to be carried out, as the design warranted the need for a point load that would be strong enough for a fire engine to manoeuvre on, without affecting the integrity of the sub-structure.
LJH were engaged and active on the project. Even when it was notified, to us, that there had been a huge mis-calculation in the required M+E access points, on the project, by the client design team. This lead to their originally being 4no access hatches on the project; to a new requirement of 75 no-access hatches, including 2 service pits (5000mm x 2000mm).

Not only were LJH pro-active in accommodating this huge change to our scope and methodology. LJH also managed to achieve this without any significant disruption to our client, commercially, and within the clients required programme.
This job was a testament to a good design concept; which was installed, expertly, by contractors who know what they were doing. The stone clad water feature shimmers against the terracotta clad electric planters; with the paving creating a strong, lasting and classic dimension to the overall concept.

LJH were glad to be a part of this project, and have had lots of praise for the quality of the installation.